UX Tools : Mastering Prototyping Certification Program

In this master class, participants will learn about the fundamental concepts of prototyping and the tools and techniques used, which will help them to enhance their business processes.

Program Instructor

Tushar Deshmukh

Everything You Will Learn

In this master class, the participants will gain a complete understanding of prototyping, different tools and techniques for the prototyping and how it will help in building a strong brand. The course will focus on practical skills and strategies to create effective prototypes that align with the brand objectives. By the end of the course, the participants will have the knowledge and, will learn how to utilize the prototyping tools and methods to create prototypes that truly represent their brand and increase engagement with their audience effectively.

Why you should apply?

Design sprints are a fast-paced way for business teams to design, prototype, and test solutions to company challenges.
Understand how to design Customer Experiences using human centered design and design thinking.
Become a Certified Design Sprint Practitioner with expert coaching and mentoring.
Instantly transform your On-The-Job Outcomes with increased business return on investment (ROI).

Know your Instructor

Advisor | Trainer

Tushar Deshmukh

Founder & CEO at UX UI Training Lab

Tushar Deshmukh, CEO of UX UI Training Lab Pvt. Ltd., is a visionary in human-centered design. With extensive industry experience, he brings a forward-thinking approach and expertise in prototyping. As a dedicated trainer, he keeps pace with the latest design trends to inspire and unleash creative potential in participants.

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