Human Centered Design

Learn Human Centered Design to innovate through collaborative design and development teamwork.

Program Instructor

Vivian Gomes

What is Human Centered Design?

Human Centered Design will provide you the knowledge and hands-on experience to transform your collaborative design and development teamwork to innovate for your customers and users. You will learn high-impact and industry-leading design practices while working on a design problem in a team setting. You will learn how to effectively lead and work with teams, using digital collaborative tools so that user focused innovation occurs everywhere. With guidance and certification, you will have the skills and the experience to transform your work to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Why you should apply?

Understand how to design Customer Experiences using human centered design and design thinking.
Use digital Collaborative Tools to innovate anytime and anywhere.
Get hands-on practice with high-impact Scientific and Universal Human Centered Design methods.
Instantly transform your On-The-Job Outcomes with increased business return on investment (ROI).

Know your Instructor

Advisor | Trainer

Vivian Gomes

Chief Design Officer at SHNORH

Vivian Gomes is the Co-Founder and CEO of SHNORH, USA internationally well known Futuristic Design Leader, Innovation Evangelist, Certified IBM Design Thinking Coach, UXQCC Trainer, Certified Adult Education Trainer and Google Sprint Trainer. Vivian is a Board member at UXQCC (Austria) and a UX, Design mentor on Google for Startups, initiating innovation and implementing design within organizations to lead and foster a collaborative environment. He has regularly trained professionals in industries such as fintech, BFSI, retail, oil & gas, smart cities, analytics, data Science, healthcare, eComm, delivery, startups, wearables, AR/VR, AI, voice, engineering and the automotive industry.

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