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Academy of Arts Design & Strategy partners with Arts Bridging the Gap, bringing mentors from around the world to empower youth, who hold the future in their hands.

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For this very reason A.A.D.S. is proud to support this mentorship program, and call on you to join us today.

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The work of Arts Bridging the Gap

Arts Bridging the Gap serves under resourced communities to help high school students develop interpersonal skills and growth mindsets for their future through healing arts programs in Los Angeles County.

For this very reason AADS is proud to support this mentorship program, and call you to join us today.

ABG provides in-school and after-school programs utilizing the arts to provision resources and support for young people.

Our Mentors are

Committed to help middle and high school students establish and pursue their goals.

Our Mentors are:

Great Listener
Relationship Builders
Willing to share professional &
life experience

Our Mentees are

High school students in under resourced communities in Los Angeles County, but you as a mentor can be from anywhere in the world to pay-it-forward in the lives of these mentees.

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Your commitment as a mentor is

One-year commitment with a minimum of one hour per month virtual conversation with your mentee (more at your discretion).

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Here is how to get involved

We can’t wait to hear from you! Here’s what to do.

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After you register, we will get back to you within two weeks with next steps which includes:

Completing our background check information
Interview with an ABG Board member(s)
Commitment to start August 2024